Download Opencast

As Opencast is a server-based Linux software there are several ways to install Opencast on your servers. Unlike Windows applications there is no downloadable single-click installer. The installation varies based on the Linux Distribution that you intend to use and the server setup in your installation.

Latest Stable Version (4.3)

Release Date : March 28th 2018

You will find the installation instructions in the Opencast documentation:

Currently we provide installation instructions for CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Ubuntu and Debian. There is also a repository with binary packages available for CentOS, Red Hat, Debian and Ubuntu.

Release Notes:
Source: (Tag: 4.3)

Source Code Repository

As Opencast is open source software you will find the source code and various branches with upcoming features and bug fixes in our Bitbucket repository:
Some conventions for the repository:

  • The stable versions can be found in the release branches r/
  • the lastest unstable version can be found in develop.
  • r/ indicates a new release branch, that might contain bug fixes that are not yet in an official released version.
  • f/ indicates that this branch contains new features that are probably not merged in develop yet.
  • t/ indicates that this branch contains bug fixes that are probably not merged into a release yet.